Jo Dampier Counselling

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About me...

The counselling will always be about YOU, the client.  I do not share my information or life story with you, since this will not be of use to you.

However, I do want you to know that I am calm, honest, gentle and have your best interests at heart, even when it may feel like I'm challenging you.  ​

What can I do for you?

I do not offer advice, but I do seek to provide a wider, objective perspective about the things you choose to discuss with me.  I will be accepting of you as a unique person and I will be non-judgemental about the things that you choose to tell me.

I want you to learn more about yourself to develop and grow and to engage in relationships from an authentic, open and adult perspective.
How do I work?

I work with clients using an integrative approach.  This approach appreciates that no two clients are the same, so I will aim to use a counselling style that is best suited to you and to your specific difficulty.
I work in a Person-Centred way, which means that I will have an empathic understanding of your difficulties from your perspective, offer you respect without judgement, and be genuine and prepared to involve myself in our relationship.  I hope that my honest, authentic approach will encourage your trust.
I also make use of the Psychodynamic approach to better understand your difficulties.  I believe that it is important to explore and understand your historic experiences in order to make more sense of present-day life events and challenges.  We may unconsciously repeat unhealthy behaviours or ways of relating that originated in our childhoods.