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Qualified, BACP-registered therapist in central London, Sidcup and Bexley

In a nutshell

I am a Masters qualified, BACP registered integrative Therapeutic Counsellor offering sessions to adults and young people in London and in Bexley and Sidcup, North-West Kent.

I am interested in your personal growth and self-awareness, aiming towards a greater understanding of your difficulties and more compassion for yourself.  I am warm, non-judgemental, professional and adhere to a strict ethical code of conduct.

Can Counselling Help You?
  • Are you feeling stuck, or perhaps you're fearful of change?
  • Do you feel out of touch with your feelings?
  • Have you experienced the same difficulties over many years?
  • Have you experienced a traumatic life event, such as sexual abuse, illness, an accident or divorce?
  • Do you feel ashamed or embarrassed to speak to family or friends about how you've been feeling?
  • Have you suffered a bereavement?
  • Do you find it difficult to relax and to stop worrying?
  • Do you experience physical symptoms/tension, potentially related to stress?
  • ​Are your emotions having a day-to-day impact on other areas of your life - is getting to work or staying at work difficult?
  • Are you finding there are relationship difficulties developing at work?
  • Do you find it difficult to relate to others at the moment?
  • Are you excessively using drugs, food, sex or alcohol?
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It can be isolating to worry about these thoughts, feelings and behaviours alone; I can work with you on worries such as these.  I have experience of working with male and female survivors of childhood abuse and trauma, whether emotional abuse, emotional neglect, physical abuse or sexual abuse. 

I work with diagnosed mental health conditions, such as depression, anxiety, generalised anxiety disorder, panic attacks/disorder, and bipolar disorder.  I also have experience of working with clients on family & relationship issues, bereavements, attachment disorders, eating disorders, and depression, anxiety and phobias.

Contact me to find out more:

How Does Counselling Help?
When difficulties feel too overwhelming, some people feel that therapy is an effective way for them to acknowledge and appreciate what often feels out of control in their lives.  Taking time to dissect your difficulties and to understand more about yourself can make some kind of solution, resolution or recovery seem more achievable.

Talking can help.  Talking can encourage the processing of our emotions – we can really start to work out what is wrong and what could be thought about in a different way.  Counselling can help you to expand your perspectives and to consider alternatives, which can encourage greater acceptance of yourself and compassion towards yourself.

Taking The First Step Is Daunting...
​​Contacting a counsellor for the first time may feel like a massive step.  You may be feeling embarrassed, or you may believe that your difficulties are not 'serious' enough and you would be wasting my time. 

This is not the case.  Every experience throughout our lives shapes us in different ways, perhaps ways we have not understood or fully processed yet.  What may be easily managed by one person could be a stumbling block for another.  You are important enough to take care of...

I am happy to work on whatever feels important to you.  We will work at your pace, taking time to understand your difficulties fully. 

Being honest and open takes courage, but facing your emotions and perhaps understanding where they have come from helps you to accept them and to put them into perspective, to enable you to manage them better.​​

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